Slugger magnetic drill cutter  JANCY SLUGGER

What is annular cutter?

Annular cutter is a substitute for slower, more expensive and less efficient Twist drills and Hole saws. The function of Annular Cutters is more or less same as a hole saw but differs in geometry and material. Annular cutters are faster, easier and are more accurate than the conventional twist drills or drill bits. Annular cutter is designed for use in portable magnetic drill . 


 Why Slugger annular cutter?


With their unique centre free design, Slugger annular cutters cut only the periphery of the hole, ejecting the remaining centre as a slug. Slugger HSS/TCT cutters are made in the USA and are the highest quality annular cutters available on the market. The exclusive CNC machines and heat treating processes used to manufacture Slugger cutters provide extreme drilling performance.

  • These cutters produce reamed quality, burr-free holes in one operation, eliminating costly pilot holes and step drilling
  • Slugger cutters reduce torque and horsepower requirements by only cutting the periphery of the hole using the proper tooth geometry
  • Slugger annular cutters can drill a hole three times faster than a twist drill bit
  • High speed steel (M2) is the standard material used in slugger cutters, providing you with a long service life


Slugger tct cutter                              

     SLUGGER T.C.T CUTTER ( USA )       


SIZE (Diameter  x Depth)



12mm x 35mm 266
13mm x 35mm 266
14mm x 35mm 266
15mm x 35mm 266
16mm x 35mm 266
17mm x 35mm 266
18mm x 35mm 266
19mm x 35mm 266
20mm x 35mm 266
21mm x 35mm 270
22mm x 35mm 270
23mm x 35mm 270
24mm x 35mm 270
25mm x 35mm 270
26mm x 35mm 270
27mm x 35mm 270
28mm x 35mm 270
29mm x 35mm 270
30mm x 35mm 270
31mm x 35mm 298
32mm x 35mm 298
33mm x 35mm 298
34mm x 35mm 298
35mm x 35mm 298
36mm x 35mm 370


        Mag cutter        Magnetic drill annular t.c.t cutter