AESIR Fog System for Fresh Produce Displays

The relative humidity in a supermarket or large retail environment is often very low because Surrounded by air conditioned.
In these dry conditions, fresh produce will quickly loose both freshness and visual appeal as its natural moisture is lost into the surrounding atmosphere.

This can be overcome by installing a Aesir fog system, which will boost relative humidity around the product, maintain the natural moisture level within and even re-hydrate some produce.



How does it work?

Misting systems are most commonly defined as a series of specially mist nozzles placed in a line around the perimeter of an area. When connected to a high pressure misting system pump, water is forced through the specialty nozzles and quickly atomized to droplets as small as 5 millionths of a meter (5 microns).

The ‘almost lighter than air’ fog spreads over the produce like a blanket, forming a cool, moist layer above and around the product without wetting.The fresh produce will no longer loose its own moisture into the ambient air and is additionally cooled, without getting wet.



What are the benefits of RETAIL MISTING SYSTEM for you?


         Benefits using misting system for retail/supermarket  薄霧系統用於展示和保存食物

Maximise pick weight, quality & shelf life by maintaining or improving natures freshness. You and your customers will see the benefits of RETAIL MISTING SYSTEM.

What are the benefits for Retail Shop?

  • The quality of your produce is maintained.
  • Weight loss is minimised, maximising sale potential of products sold by weight.
  • Overall wastage is reduced as produce stays fresher for longer.
  • The fresh produce display is visually improved and the visual impact of the
  • system draws attention, generating higher sales turnover of fruit and vegetables.
  • Higher turnover of other products, as your customers return more regularly to buy your higher quality fresh produce.
  • Reduced labour costs, with less need to replace product or transport fresh produce to the cold store during the night.
  • Bold displays can be maintained throughout the day, especially in the late afternoon and evening when most stores are running down their display.
  • Energy saving potential for your cooling equipment.
  • Greater control over stock management and purchasing.

What are the benefits for your customer?

  • Your customers will notice that higher quality produce will stay fresher for longer at home.
  • Lower prices because of less waste and labour
  • Less waste at home. More gets eaten.

There are Environment Benefits too:

  • Less to throw away,
  • Less waste
  • Reduced transport costs = CO2 Energy savings and a contribution to global food security.

            Mist farms  Keep your fruits or vegetables fresh with misting system 


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