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7 battery jumper cables buying tips.

  Being stranded on the side of the road with a broken down car is something we all try to avoid. 

It’s always a good idea to carry a set of Battery jumper set with you at all times as you never know when your car or someone else’s will have a dead battery. It is good to have it in case of emergency.

Battery jumper set are one of the many items that you should never ever buy the cheapest one .You usually use it at the most INAPPROPRIATE times, in the freezing cold, at night, early morning or in the rain. Don’t skimp on this important piece of safety equipment.

It’s a common misconception that all Battery jumper set will do the same job. This is patently untrue and believing that lie is a good way to end up stranded even though you have cables in hand.

Many people don’t realize that it really does matter which kind of Battery jumper they are buying.  If you are going to buy a Battery jumper set for your car, then you must be cautious and concentrate on some basic things like what we are going to discuss as follows: 

1) Cable gauge-selection of gauge.

  2) Cable material.

  3) Jumper Cables Insulation

  4) Heavy Duty Clamps.

  5) Warranty.

  6) Instruction manual

  7) Storage Bag

  •  #1 to #3 are tips to select good quality cable ( 80% of machinery & hardware sellers unaware).
  •  #4 is related to clamps.
  •  #6 is the most importance tip ( 90% of the people are unaware about it ).

   Please take a moment to read through our 7 tips list before you making any decision.

   Maybe is a little bit bore (long article & too many technical terms).

   If you want to skip it...

   What can you do?

   Click the link here (9300192016L or 9300192035L

  Battery Jumper Cables Buying Tip No1

  1) Cable gauge-selection of gauge (The higher the gauge (numerically) the thinner the wire).

      Thicker cables are capable of transmitting more electric current, the best jumper cables you can buy for your car are heavy duty jumper cables. The thickness of jumper cables is measured in gauge, and the lowest gauge number indicates the thickest cables. 

  • The thicker (small gauge) the cables,the more current (amps) it will carry.
  • The thicker (small gauge) the cables, the better the chance it will work when jump start a car battery.
  • Thin jumper cables(large gauge) may not be able to carry enough electric current to start your car, and in some cases it may get too hot from the current that is going through, ruining the cables and possibly causing sparking, a fire or explosion.



                      Select suitable jump cable for your car


Battery Jumper Cables Buying Tip No 2

2) Cable material

Beware of cheap jumper cables. We have found the cheap 2 gauge sets are really 4 gauge or "copper clad" aluminum (CCA cables) instead of 100% copper. Aluminum has 1.5 times the resistance of copper. Buy a quality copper battery jumper cables.




Welding Cable

Welding cable is build to be flexible. It usually has a high temperature rating and a soft flexible insulation & oil resistant. Welding cable tends to be large gauge wire so it does work great as jumper cable. For that reason I do recommend it for automotive applications where the ability to roll it up and easier to put it behind the seat in the car.


100% full copper cables 

Why copper cables? video

  1.  Best Conductor

           Copper is the best conductor out of all of them.This means that the resistance of copper cable is relatively low .

           An aluminium cable would have nearly twice the resistance of a copper cable with the same dimensions. Therefore the energy losses in the aluminium cable will be higher than in the copper cable. The copper cable is more energy efficient.

  1.  Flexibility

           You will need the jumper cables to be flexible when you use it for jump start. 

  1.  High Melting Point

           It really takes sometime to melt a copper wire. Therefore, if you are worried about safety, copper wire is going to be one of your best options. If an overload or surge comes through the wire, it is not likely to melt or burn. This means that if fire start as a result of a power problem will be greatly decreased.  For more interesting information, please watch video.

  1.  Does Not Loosen

           When you use copper jumper cables, it is unlikely to be loosen. When other materials are to be used, they can sometimes be loosen where they are connected and come unattached.This may lead to dangerous conditions and waste a lot of time re-fixing everything.

  1.  Copper wires are more durable.

           Not to be worried about surface oxides forming on it. It is truly the best choice for jumper cables.


  • Pros : Good conductor, flexible,high melting point & durable.
  • Cons: More expensive

Two types of cheap welding cables


What is CCA cables?
CCA is an aluminium conductor with a thin copper coating. It is made by encasing a rod of aluminium in a layer of copper strip which is butt-welded along the seam to totally encase the aluminium. The entire rod is drawn through a series of rollers and dies to reduce the diameter to as little as 0.1mm, just over the thickness of a human hair. Aluminium is a cheaper, less conductive metal than copper and substituting CCA substantially reduces the copper content and therefore the cost of producing the cable.

CCA has some advantages over solid copper, mainly surrounding weight and cost. CCA is significantly lighter than copper and in some applications can offer advantages in cable containment and handling. Aluminium is around one third of the price of copper and therefore offers cost savings over solid copper conductors. Theft is also less likely with scrap values largely reduced. It also has better corrosion resistance over plain aluminium.


                   Buy to throw

  • Pros: Cheaper, lighter weight 
  • Cons: Aluminium oxidises and performance deteriorates


What is CCS cables?
CCS (copper clad steel) is similar to CCA in that a steel conductor is thinly coated with a layer of copper. Steel gives higher mechanical strength than aluminium but is heavier and less flexible. It is of course also less conductive than copper. It is manufactured in the same way as CCA.


                  Good thing to throw wild dog


  • Pros: Cheaper 
  • Cons: Heavier, performance worse than CCA cables



Few tactics to differentiate Copper Cables, CCA and CCS Cables?

1. When you cut the wires, you will see that the copper wire is copper coloured all the way through whereas CCA is aluminum coloured in the middle; (You need to take a close look of it)
2. If you hold a lighter underneath the cables, the copper cables will hardly droop/melt, while the CCA cable will almost instantly droop/melt; For more interesting information, please watch video.

3. The weight of the copper cables is heavier than CCA and CCS cables; and
4. Warranty provides by the supplier for copper cables.



Battery Jumper Cables Buying Tip No 3 

3) Jumper Cables Insulation

    When we mentioned welding cables, it could be confused with two important components of it: sheath and insulation. While both provide protection for the cables, their respective jobs.

Outer sheath functions as oil ,chemical resistant & fire redundant.

Inner insulation located between the cable’s center conductor and sheath. Inner insulation is a non-conductive material, or a material resistant to the flow of electric current. It is often called a dielectric in radio frequency cables. Insulation resists electrical leakage, prevents the wire’s current from coming into contact with other conductors, and preserves the material integrity of the wire by protecting against environmental threats such as water and heat. Both safety and effectiveness of the wire depend on its insulation.


                   Oil & Heat Resistant shearth


                     Overheat lead to insulation melting off

    L           Overheat lead to insulation melting off



Battery Jumper  Cables Buying Tip No 4 

4) Heavy Duty Clamps

    Better clamps(alligator clips) will transmit electricity much better. Heavy duty jumper cables come with bigger and stronger clamps. This makes for better connections between the two batteries terminals, which reduces the chance of jiggle to avoid sparking occur.

  • Sparks can cause damage expensive electronic components.

                   500Amp clamp



Battery Jumper Cables Buying Tip No 5 

5)  Warranty 

How to distinguish the quality of the product?

  • Depending on their warranty   

 L&N JAYA SDN BHD is proudly to offer the BATTERY JUMPER SET with 10 year warranty. Through many years of industry experience and extensive products testing, we believe that a premium jumper cables will be able to provide exceptional and reliable result and for this reason that we are proudly to offer the longest warranty to our customers.

             10Year warranty Premium battery jumper


Battery Jumper Buying Tip No 6


6) Instruction guide manual 


Most importance tip!


The process of boosting of a  battery is especially important. Jumper cables should be connected properly to avoid sparks, which may cause an explosion of the hydrogen gas emitting from a battery. Beyond this, an incorrect hook up can damage critical and expensive electronic components.

The procedure is simple:

Connect the positive (+) clamp to the positive terminal of the weak battery and the other positive clamp to the corresponding terminal of the good battery.

Next, the negative (-), or ground, terminal on the good battery and, finally, the negative clamp to the engine block, frame or other grounded metal as far as possible from the battery. You want to avoid sparks in the vicinity of the explosive hydrogen gas that emits from the battery. Do not connect it to the ground terminal (negative).

To remove jumper cables reverse the instruction guide above order. 


In short :

Positive to positive and negative to negative are two very important things to remember when jump starting a car. Otherwise you could end up with two very burnt cars, like the ones seen at our facebook page.


Additional suggestion: 


  • Remember the procedures of jump start.
  • Buy L&N JAYA SDN BHD Battery Jumper set (we provide 3 languages(English,Bahasa Malaysia,Chinese instruction guidance manual for every jumper set purchase).


                    ​Proper jump start guide with every purchased




  1. SMALL INCIDENCE may cause damages to the expensive electronic components.
  2. SERIOUS INCIDENCE can cause :-

This is what happens when jump start the car goes wrong    Jump start the car goes wrong


Battery Jumper Buying Tip No 7 


7) Storage Bag

    Our jumper cables storage bag will protect your cables and keep it in an easy reach place. This handy storage bag will fit neatly at the car boot or lay it inside your spare tire to solve your storage problem!



Choose Battery Jumper Set with sufficiency gauge(AWG), cooper wire, cable flexibility, heavy duty clamp with proper guidance instruction.


L& N JAYA SDN BHD Heavy Duty Professional Grade Battery Jumper Cables:


   Our battery jumper cables set is 100% copper, premium 2 gauge sets (9300192035L) & universal 5 gauge (9300192016L) made in the Malaysia by L&N JAYA SDN BHD. 

   In the new reality of a transparent global market place, companies need complete confidence in the safety, quality and performance of their products in order to promote consumer loyalty and differentiate their brand.


We sell product & services to solve customer’s problems. Not to create another problems to our customers.   

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您永远不知道什么时候您的车还是别人的车会遇上问题。车上随时备有一组汽車急救线(Battery Jumper Set) 就可帮助您在紧急情况下解决这令人困扰的问题了!

重型汽车急救线,一般用在您出乎意料的时候。在清晨、晚上、雨中或是在您赶着上班的时候。所以, 不要对这安全设备吝啬,品质保证是您的选择而不是价钱。











  • #1 to #3 的注意事项,选择质量好的电缆(80% 机械及五金经销商不了解)
  •  #4 关于夹持器
  • #6 最重要的注意事项 (90%的人都不懂)







重型汽车急救线购买指南及注意事项 1






  • 较厚的电缆(small gauge)

- 能携带更多的电流(安培,amps)。

- 能更好地启动汽车电池。


  • 较薄的电缆(large gauge)

- 不能携带足够的电流以启动汽车

      并且在某些情况下,可能会因过热而破坏了电    缆,引起火花、火灾甚至爆炸。





重型汽车急救线购买指南及注意事项 2

      2) 电缆原材料

            提防低价汽车急救线。普遍市场上所推荐廉价的配套的电缆一般上原材料为“铜包铝”(CCA电缆)而不是100%的铜。铝比铜具有1.5倍的电阻。 所以,购买100%铜汽车急救线才是您最终的选择。


焊接电缆(Welding Cable)




为什么是铜电缆? ">视频


i) 良导体



ii) 伸缩性



iii) 高熔点

倘若安全是您考虑的因素之一, 铜线将会是你最好的选择。铜线有着高熔点的特征,它是需要一段时间来熔化。所以,铜线不会因过压或电流冲击而溶化或燃烧。这意味着,火花、火灾、甚至是爆炸发生的可能性将会大大降低。欲知解详情,请观看视频。


iv) 不易溶散

相较其他材料,铜电缆是不易溶散的。如果电缆在使用过程中溶散,将会导致无法预料的危险情况。 这不仅会浪费您的宝贵时间,也可能会影响您的生命安全。


v) 铜电缆是持久且耐用的



  • 优点:良好的导体、伸缩性、高熔点、不易溶散持久且耐用
  • 缺点:较贵





      CCA电缆是使用铝导体并加上薄铜镀层所制成的。它是由铜包住铝所制成的。相较之下,铝比铜更加便宜。不仅如此,铝的导电性质也差于铜。因此,铝电缆的能量损失会比铜电缆的更高。然而,CCA 电缆使用铝大幅取代并降低了铜的含量,只是为了减少生产的成本罢了。





  • 优点:便宜,更轻的重量
  • 缺点:铝易氧化使其性能下降






  • 优点:便宜
  • 缺点:较重,性能差于CCA电缆





1.当你切断电缆时,你会看到几乎所有铜丝是铜色的,而CCA电缆的中间则会有铝色的; (你需要仔细检查一番)

2. 如果您使用">打火机燃烧铜丝">铜丝将很难融化,而CCA线则是一燃烧就">立刻融化;欲知更多详情,请观看">视频

3. 相较之下,铜电缆的重量会比CCA和CCS电缆更重。

4. 观察供应商所提供的电缆保修期(物品质量和保修期是成正比的)


重型汽车急救线购买指南及注意事项 3


3) 汽车急救线的绝缘层

有如以上所提到的焊接电缆,人们常常混淆它的两个重要组成部分: 外绝缘层护套和内绝缘层。两者都提供着保护的作用,但又各有千秋。


  • 外绝缘层护套有防油及耐化学腐蚀的功能。
  • 内绝缘层位于电缆的中心导体和外护套之间。内绝缘的原材料须是非导电的。一般称为绝缘体。绝缘体能抵抗漏电,防止电缆的电流进入并与其它导体接触。这可防止电流外漏造成危险。无可否认,电缆的安全性和有效性是取决于其绝缘层的。

​           外绝缘层护套和内绝缘层



重型汽车急救线购买指南及注意事项 4



  • 火花的产生可能会损坏昂贵的电子零件。



重型汽车急救线购买指南及注意事项 5



  • 取决于其的保修期

L&N JAYA SDN BHD将给予重型汽车急救线十年的保修期限。通过多年的行业经验和大量的产品测试,我们认为这优质的焊接电缆将能提供可靠的耐用性。因这原因,我们可为客户提供最长的保修期。


            L&N JAYA SDN BHD将给予重型汽车急救线十年的保修期限



重型汽车急救线购买指南及注意事项 6






接着,将夹持器从足够电压电池的负端( - )【黑色】,连接到电压电池的车身或底盘。








凡购买一套L&N JAYA SDN BHD的重型汽车急救线将可获得3 种语言(英文、马来文、华文)的教学指导手册。




严重意外则可能引起: -



重型汽车急救线购买指南及注意事项 7





L& N JAYA SDN BHD的重型汽车急救线

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