Divers' oxygen tank              Emergency Rescue Kit


Who needs Medical Oxygen Emergency kits?

Sport Arena - Gym,Futsal & Badminton sport arena (Apparently it's a well known fact that in the badminton community has a relatively high rate of causing cardiac arrests or heart attacks.)

Divers -  Divers suffering from decompression sickness will need POC

Senior Citizen - Elderly person OR senior citizen

Children - Children with medical problem such as "Asthma"

Newborn Babies 



Oxygen is needed by the body for all living processes. Oxygen may be recommended for people with lung disease to:

1. Help relieve breathlessness

2. Prevent strain on the heart

3. Prolong life expectancy

4. Reduce hospital admission

5. Improve quality of life

6. Help increase activity levels

7. Help you sleep better


Oxygen can be delivered in a variety of ways including:

  1. A large cylinder
  2. A small or a medium size portable cylinder with a conserving device.
  3. A large stationary oxygen concentrator for home use.
  4. Small portable/mobile concentrators for walking & traveling out of your home.

The number of hours your oxygen cylinder lasts will depend on the size of the cylinder and its usage. 



“Refill” the oxygen bottles are usually swapped over so the integrity of the bottle is maintained. L&N JAYA SDN BHD provides gas refilling and maintenance services.   


The Refill is chargable from RM50.00 depanding on the distance of the location.



When using oxygen continuously, it can be very drying on the tubing. (If the flow rate of oxygen is low this is not a problem and a humidifier is not required.) A humidifier is a plastic container about the size of a large glass, which is filled with water. This moistens the oxygen that you breathe. You need to clean your humidifier each day by washing it with warm soapy water and rinse it under the tap. The container must be refilled with boiled (cooled) water from the kettle. It is important that the humidifier is cleaned regularly as the moist environment can breed infection if not cleaned.

Price for Humidifier is from RM80 to RM100 including delivery charges. 


Nasal Cannula and Tubing

Nasal prongs are used to deliver the oxygen through your nose. The nasal prongs are connected via tubing, usually 9m to the oxygen concentrator, shorter to a cylinder. Your nasal cannula and oxygen tubing should also be cleaned with warm soapy water and rinsed under the tap. Nasal prongs should be replaced every month or when they become dry and hard and particularly after any respiratory infection.

Price for Nasal Cannula and tubing is RM20 to RM25 including delivery charges. 


Safety Issues

1. Nobody must smoke in the house or unit, as oxygen is flammable.

2. Use in a well-ventilated room at least a metre away from walls and curtains.

3. The oxygen concentrator and tubing must be kept at least 2 metres away from heat sources such as heaters and stoves (both gas and electric), while sitting and walking through the house.

4. Do not alter the flow rate on the concentrator.

5. Do not put anything on top of or over the concentrator.

6. The concentrator should be the only piece of equipment plugged into a power point. Double adapters are dangerous and only new, tightly fitting power boards can be used temporarily while an additional power point is installed.

7. Oxygen should not be worn when using gas or electric stoves,BBQs or hairdryers and electric shaver as they "spark‟. Also oxygen should not be worn when taking prt in hobbies which also include “sparks” or flames such as welding.

8. Nasal prongs should be worn when showering except when a gas hot water heater system has a naked flame pilot flame in the bathroom.

9. Do not apply oil based face cream, moisturizers or hair spray whilst wearing the nasal prongs.

10. When you are not wearing your nasal prongs turn off the oxygen.

11. To prevent you and you relatives falling:

  • When you walk away from the concentrator throw the tubing over your shoulder to prevent tripping over the tubing.
  • When walking back toward the concentrator coil the tubing like a hose to keep it off the floor.
  • For patients who need to go to the bathroom at night, ensure you have a well lit path. Fluorescent insulation tape placed at intervals along the oxygen tubing may make it more visible at night and prevent you from tripping.

12. If your nostrils are sore and dry, do not use Vaseline or Oil- based creams. Use water-based creams e.g. Sorboline and Vitamin E 



Can I increase the oxygen?

– You can use it for longer hours but you must not increase the flow rate as per doctor's prescription.

– If you are feeling unwell please call an ambulance.

– If you are using the oxygen more hours per day you should see doctor as this may be a sign that you are becoming unwell.


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