Pet Misting Systems 

  Keep your pet calm   D.I.Y set of misting system


Hot weather with the temperatures rising. If the weather isn’t comfortable for us, imagine how our pets feel. Summer brings a host of dangers for our pets – primarily the risk of overheating.

Is your lovely pet facing....?

  1. Heat Stroke(sun stroke)
  2. Heat Exhaustion
  3. Heavy panting

Signs of Heat Stress in Dogs 

Some of the common signs of heat stress in dogs include:


2.Difficulty in breathing

3.Excessive panting


5.Bloody vomiting


7.Increased heart rate



Pet Misting Systems - The Perfect Cooling Solution to Keep Your Pet Happy and Active During HOT WEATHER....

Besides giving your pet dog plenty of cool drinking water and healthy food during the hot weather, there is more that you need to do to keep your pet active and ensure it doesn’t suffer from heat stress. Pet misting systems are one of the solution to solve this problem.

A pet misting system installed around or inside the dog’s kennel is the perfect way to keep your pet cool. Pet misting systems spray billions of tiny water droplets from their nozzles that help to keep the surrounding air cool. The heat absorbs the water and vaporizes it into cool air that is needed by your pet to avoid falling victim to heat stress.

                     Misting system keep your pet cool     Pet misting system DIY Set



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