About us

L&N JAYA SDN BHD was founded in year 2009, which involved dealing in distribution of cleaning equipments, gardening sprinklers, welding accessories and  D.I.Y products.

In year 2011, the Company has diverted its direction into Industrial Market whereby we have been appointed as an exclusive agent in Malaysia for few brands from overseas such as TOOLEX , SluggerScotuniversal .

We have started to import a super brand from Japan namely KOIKE in year 2013 and began to involve in medical equipment market since then. 

We are committed to supply and provide highly quality and durable products to our customers.   


3 Main categories 

  1. Industrial Market     - Magnetic Drill & Slugger TCT cutter,Welding Accessories

  2. Commercial Market - Cleaning Equipment
  3. Residential Market   - D.I.Y,Gardening&Home care Products.CCategoriesCategoriesategories