Choosing a Food Truck Generator 

Whether you’re starting a food truck or looking to upgrade your existing truck, there are many factors that can impact your success. Such as the type of generator & Supplier you choose. In this article, we will discuss on how to choose the most suitable generator for your food truck.


Types of Food Truck Generators

There are few different types of generators for food trucks 

  1. 1000watt ( mini portable )
  2. 2000watt (2kw)
  3. 3000watt (3kw)
  4. 5000watt (4kw)
  5. 7000watt (7kw)
  6. 10000watt (10kw)

Best Generator for Food Truck

White Food Truck

The best generator for a food truck is determined by the type of truck, what it sells & the preferences of the owner. Each food truck’s needs can vary, and no generator will work for every situation. Some important factors to take into account when deciding which generator works best for your food truck will include:

Cost : How much for the generator set , repair cost & machine break down cost?
Power : Amount of power needed operate your food truck business.
Run time : A powerful & more reliable generator is needed for longer operating time.
Fuel capacity: This may vary depending on how long you are operating your business for a day or
                         fuel requirements for your food truck.
Noise : A generator that produces loud noises may affect your business and your working environment.
Size : Compact and small sized generators are the best for food trucks where there is a limited amount of workspace.




1) ​How Much Is a Generator for a Food Truck?

A food truck generator typically costs somewhere between RM800-RM5,000, though some can be priced outside of this range based on the model you are buying. Among many of the factors stated, a commercial generator’s cost depends on the type of generator, amount of power it produces, and any additional services including on-site services.


2) Are Food Truck Generators Reliable?

The reliability of a food truck generator will depend on the specifications and cost of the generator. The better the specifications, the more reliable it is.

3) Do You provide on-site services?

Yes, we do. 

4) How much for on-site services?

Cost may vary depending on different situations.

5) Who should we contact?

You can Whatsapp or call 012-3307836 (Leo) for further enquiries.

Food truck generator set

Choosing a generator for a food truck is a difficult process. There are many considerations that should be taken into account, and choosing the wrong one may set your business back. By using the article above, you’ll be able to make an informed decision as you buy your food truck generator.

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