Our submersible pumps - convincingly reliable. Kärcher submersible pumps are fitted with a ceramic slide ring sealing, a tried-and-tested solution often used in the professional sector. This high-quality sealing makes the pumps more robust, prolongs their service life and means they are perfect for demanding use in the private sector. Our submersible dirty water pumps also deliver dirty water from A to B without problem. Submersible flat suction pumps pump water until the water level has dropped to one millimetre, thus ensuring pleasant mop-dry results. And the new submersible flat suction dirty water pump masters both requirements and is thus equipped for different applications.

A)  SP 1 DIRT ( For dirty water )

With a maximum pump capacity of 5,500 litres per hour, the SP 1 Dirt is the perfect entry-level model for quickly pumping out and circulating water from water butts and garden ponds. It reliably pumps clean or dirty water with dirt particles up to 20 millimetres in size. For larger dirt particles, an optional prefilter can be attached which protects the pump impeller against blockages, e.g. resulting from branches. The slide ring sealing, which is familiar from the professional sector, is installed in all submersible pumps and guarantees an extra-long lifespan for the pump. An extended 5 year guarantee( Europe ) is also available. Furthermore, the submersible dirty water pump is equipped with a float switch, which switches the pump on and off according to the water level, protecting it against dry running. And thanks to the possibility of attaching the float switch, the pump can be operated even at low water levels, down to a residual water level of 25 millimetres. Also practical: The Quick Connect connection thread enables the particularly quick and uncomplicated connection of 1 1/4" hoses.


1.  Ceramic face seal - For an extra long lifetime.

2.  Float switch          - Switches the pump on and off again according to the water level, preventing dry running.

3.  Quick Connect     - Connection thread for quick and uncomplicated connection of 1 1/4" hoses to the pump.


B)  SP 2 FLAT ( For clean water )

The SP 2 Flat submersible flat pick-up suction pump reliably helps to pump out clear to lightly contaminated water with dirt particles up to 5 millimetres in size. With up to 6,000 l/h, it is ideal for draining smaller pools or cellars flooded due to the ingress of groundwater or washing machine leaks. A robust slide ring sealing makes the pump extra long-lasting. An extended 5 year warranty is also available. A float switch switches the pump on and off automatically according to the water level, preventing dry running. And thanks to the possibility of attaching the float switch, it can also be used at low water levels in continuous operation. The SP 2 Flat also features foldable legs, which can be folded in order to achieve a higher capacity. When the legs are folded up, the submersible clear water pump starts at a water level as low as 7 millimetres and pumps in continuous operation down to 1 millimetre, leaving the surface mop dry. And the Quick Connect connection thread allows 1 1/4" hoses to be quickly and easily connected.


Karcher submersible pump ( ceramic seal )     


SP 1 Dirt                                                                                            

Karcher submersible pump sp 1 dirt


  SP 2 Flat


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