Reasons to Rent

When making the decision to buy or rent, here's something consider: renting is often more profitable than buying.The reason is simple; profits result from using equipment, rather than owning it.

The true cost of buying equipment includes maintenance and upgrading outdated equipment, which means that what you spend can actually be many times the sticker price in the end. Here are a few more advantages to renting:


1) No Maintenance Costs or Repair Bills

  • Maintenance – Equipment rent includes full maintenance.No repair shop, no spare parts & no mechanics require.
  • Breakdown   – Equipment breaks down, it is immediately replaced or repaired at no cost to the user. Save money & time losses on equipment  breakdown .

2) Fixed Rent Amount

  • Cost Control – Better cost control is possible with rented equipment. No repair, maintenance & transportation cost.
  • Inventory Control –   Equipment rental which are closely monitored .
  • Obsolescence – Equipment Rental is constantly upgrading to keeping the latest types and models of equipment available.

3) Flexibility to Downsize

  • Disposal Costs – It costs money to sell any type of used or obsolete equipment. Preparing (or repairing) the equipment for resale, advertising and selling time are cost factors of ownership that do not occur with rental equipment.