Koike BS / 10L Flow Gentle Medical Oxygen
Koike BS / 10L Flow Gentle Medical Oxygen

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Medical Gas Regulators

Medical Gas Regulators safely reduce high pressure gases from a cylinder to pressures suitable for the patient.


 Oxygen Regulator, which is easy and safe to use.

• User Friendly - Oxygen flow rate has a large display for easy dial setting.
• Easy-to-Operate - Flow Gentle+ G and P both have a soft grip handle for easy connection and disconnection. 
• Protected Gauge - Pressure gauge is positioned at the top of the regulator to protect it from direct collision in the event of accidental contact or tipping.

Flow Gentle+ G: 
G-Type (threaded connection) - For oxygen cylinders with screw type valves



For more information >>  MEDICAL OXYGEN SET 

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