DS350 single disc hard floor scrubbing machine
DS350 single disc hard floor scrubbing machine

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DS350 single disc hard floor scrubbing machine

​Simple to use and efficient dual speed and high speed single disc machines. The perfect solution for hard floor scrubbing and for heavy-duty cleaning.

POWER (W)                        : 1500/1800W

 CLEANING    WIDTH        :   16"

 CAPACITY (L)                   :  10L

SPEED                                :  175/350RPM

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With these single disc DS350 you will meet the demanding needs of cleaning in medium to rough areas in hotels, restaurants, schools, shopping malls and other retail outlet.

  • Simple and user-friendly. The machine is automatically locked, when the handle is in 90 degree vertical position. Soft start system and automatic brush installation
  • High quality product. The aluminum base, triple planetary gear box and low noise from motor and gears
  • Easy to use. Large rear wheels facilitate transport and make a well-balanced machine
  • Great value for money. Water tank, brush and pad holder comes with the dual speed machine. Furthermore, the dual speed single disc offers a choice of 175 or 350 rpm for easy, efficient and cost-effective maintenance of all floors  

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